About You

You’re a freelancer. Maybe you work in the arts and entertainment industry as an actor, musician, dancer, producer, writer, director, designer or a member of the oh-so-vital technical crew that keeps the whole show on the road.

You’re an entrepreneur. Perhaps you wear the multiple hats of a small business owner, or you’re in charge of a film or television production company, a film festival or a fledgling theater troupe with more guts than grandeur.

Possibly you’re a cyber-pioneer working on contract out there on the leading edge of the Information Technology wave.

Or it could be that all you have so far is a day job and a dream.

No matter. Whatever your circumstances, if you fit any of the above categories we salute you.

We applaud your courage, your commitment and your resourcefulness.

You are our kind of client.

About Us

We specialize in personal and corporate income tax preparation and also offer a full range of financial and accounting services to clients across Canada.

Our diverse clientele includes many people in the arts and entertainment industry as well as freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses of every size and description.

Our focus is on saving time and saving you money.

And, for those of you who do business cross-border, we make life easier with one-stop income tax preparation for both the U.S.A. and Canada.